Imani Mance

Instructional Designer

I believe we are all constantly learning. I believe we are all also constantly teaching. Thus, the job of learning professionals is to observe and analyze teaching and learning moments and find ways to replicate them. This a challenge because we [learning professionals] are only privy to the thoughts in our own mind, and so we are left to make assumptions about learning based on what learners say and do. With that said, as more and more learning moves to the digital landscape, we [learning professionals] are further challenged by the fact that we basically can only observe what learners click and write. This presents a virtualĀ blindspotĀ for learning professionals. How do we engage, delight, and effectively teach when learners are not right in front of us? We don’t know when they are bored, confused, or delighted unless they react within the confines digital expression (emoticons, chat, posting, etc). This is a challenge that I eagerly take on. Thus, my work centers around finding ways to eliminate the blindspot (or make it negligible) by creating learning that engages, delights, and delivers results.