About the Company

The History

Unique Instincts is the digital home for instructional designer, Imani Mance.

This site was for my web and graphic design company but as I transitioned in the field of instructional design I stopped taking on web design clients. Now I work full-time as an instructional designer, and I specialize in making learning beautiful.

The Approach

I leverage my graphic and web design background to deliver information and learning experiences beautifully. I think that learning is more effective when it is presented in a visually appealing way. I think sometimes in the field of learning we take for granted the role visual design plays in motivating and engaging learners. That is why in my work, I try to delight learners in the same way marketers  and advertisers do…beautifully simple, fresh, and unique packaging.

The Name

I have always felt that design was largely about instincts. I  can’t explain how to make something look beautiful. It is just in my instincts…hence the name Unique Instincts.