Wearables…Google’s Android Watch…the Next Great Thing for Adult Learners

I am actually giddy with excitement about the Google watch. I need this in my life. I struggle to keep up with my iPhone but if I had my device strapped to my wrist, I would never miss that important text or call. Okay so aside from the personal problem wearables solve for me, I think they also provide an opportunity to expand the meaning of distance and interactive learning. Watch the Google Watch promo video… then read below.

So what do you think? How can we expand distance learning with wearable devices. The first idea that came to mind is using location data, health data, or apps to prompt learners respond to questions or provide performance feedback.

For example, you could teach physically education remotely. The instructor could monitor students’ progress based on location data and health information. The fact that wearables or less cumbersome than phones makes interaction a little more seamless.

Another example would be, imagine an virtual art history class that used location services to prompt learners with questions and information as they explored a museum.

I think the possibilities are endless and I am excited to explore how to incorporate wearables into learning and performance support.